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About Us

Managing every detail of healthcare in accordance with current international guidelines and evidence-based standards irrespective of healthcare financing mechanism is what we are about.

The Limi Hospital has set out to re-define healthcare provision in Nigeria with an emphasis on the ‘care component’ of instituting therapies, and beyond therapy, to include health promotion and disease prevention as an integral part of our unique approach.

We ensure that our heart-felt passion for clients is combined with the pre-requisite knowledge for the same…

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Our mission

From utilization analytics, reliable cost-effective managed care to reproducible and uncompromising quality our cutting edge is based on lean-six sigma high fidelity processes you can rely on.

We are committed to becoming and remaining an accessible world-class hospital system, utilizing innovative technology and driven by godly principles towards patient-centered care.

Thus, our guiding mission is to learn, improve and uphold the highest standards of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative healthcare for a delightful client experience.

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