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Antenatal (Prenatal) Care

The Limi Hospital prides itself on being at the forefront of Nigeria’s fight to increase skilled care and childbirth, reduce stillbirth, and improve maternal care and counseling for HIV, malaria, TB and other illnesses.

The essential components of Antenatal care are;

  • Promotion of sound health and social status of mother and child
  • Development of birth preparedness and pregnancy complication readiness plans
  • Surveillance, early detection and handling of pregnancy complications
  • Fostering smooth transit to puerperium

With around-the-clock obstetric services and access to our world-class obstetric specialists, we are proud to be contributing our quota towards drastically reducing maternal and child mortality and morbidity in Nigeria.

Our services include;

  • ANC all inclusive packages
  • ANC screening- HIV, Hep. B, syphilis, anaemia, etc
  • Intermittent prevention treatment for malaria
  • Tetanus vaccination
  • ANC classes/lectures every week
  • Obstetric specialist consults
  • Obstetric scans with radiology consultant review
  • In-person and on-phone follow-up with our midwives, etc