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Preconception Care

“Anthonia and her husband had been trying to conceive for over a year since their marriage. After series of fertility sessions, they were on their way to having a baby. Good news? Not entirely. During ANC it was discovered that the baby had inherited a disease from one of the parents. Nights of worrying followed by several hospital visits after delivery ensued”

With our gynaecology facilities undertaking advanced practices such as pre-implantation genetic counselling and a total comprehensive preconception care under supervision by our specialists, we can pre-empt, mitigate and even manage such situations as Anthonia’s.

According to WHO, 4 out of every 10 women report having an unplanned pregnancy; 20% of maternal mortality can be attributed to iron deficiency anaemia, a condition rife among our women in sub-Saharan Africa; a woman who contacts gonococcal STI in Africa is more likely not to have access to proper treatment leading to a 35% chance of having a low birth weight baby or premature delivery, as well as a 10% chance of perinatal mortality. The tenets of preconception care are far-reaching, determining a variety of health outcomes, hence its importance.

Our comprehensive preconception care package includes nutritional care, genetic counselling, environmental health, infertility/subfertility, too-early, unwanted and rapid successive pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, mental health, female genital mutilation, and many others.