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Women’s Health


Your Baby’s Development Month by Month

You’re pregnant. Congratulations! Are you curious how big your developing baby is, what your baby looks like as it grows inside you, and when you’ll feel it move? 

Get your baby Ready

Simple steps you should take.

Tracking Ovulation

These methods can determine the best times to get pregnant.

Your pregnancy Checklist

14 things to do before trying to conceive

Preparing for Baby

Get Your Body Baby-Ready

When you’re pregnant, your body has an important job to do for 9 months. So if you’re planning to have a baby soon, take some simple steps now to get ready for a healthy baby.


Your Best Days for Making a Baby

When Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

“Most pregnancies result from sex that happened less than 2 days before ovulation,” Manglani says. But you can get pregnant earlier or later. “Sperm can live in fertile cervical mucus for up to 5 days,” she says. An egg can live up to 24 hours after ovulation.


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