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Limi Hospital Group

THE LIMI HOSPITAL GROUP was founded in 1982 in Zaria, Nigeria to provide accessible quality private healthcare which is driven by clearly defined core values, evidence-based medicine and Godly principles.

Consequent on the need for pragmatic but flexible, service focused providers who are willing to partner and grow with people, families, companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) while simultaneously taking on a role of a trusted hospital, The Limi Hospital Group has evolved to fulfill that need and become the multi-specialty hospital system it is today with over three hundred and fifty (350) employees.

building on a rich culture of reliability, reproducibility and efficiency which has spanned over 36 years, we have continually served all strata of the corporate world.

Our mission

At our core, our guiding values which gives us focus and decision clarity include:

  • Empathy
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Obsessive Attention to Details
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Our guiding mission is to learn, improve and uphold the highest standards of preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative healthcare for a delightful client experience.

Professionalism at its peak! Superb customer care services. Limi is the hospital you visit and feel better already without any prescription; Limi is the hospital that stays in touch as a follow-up to past treatments; limi is the hospital that goes the extra mile to ensure its patients live. 1000% recommended! If there’s anything more than a 5 star, I’m so adding it!

Omisore Afolabi