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HealthCova Care Plans


Healthcare Cover Designed Just for You

Unlike traditional health insurance which manages your healthcare treatments and information through a third-party, HealthCova by The Limi Hospital builds around our direct relationship with individuals, families and corporate organisations.

The Limi Healthcova is a healthcare package plan that combines affordability and comprehensive healthcare. HealthCova is a membership plan that prepays and covers your hospital visits, prescribed drugs, eye care and much more.   


HEALTHCOVA offers a wide range of health benefits at lower cost.

When you visit any of THE LIMI HOSPITAL SERVICE CENTRES, you will NOT have to wait for approval or pay bills. You pay only the copayments and the routine premium described in this brochure. 

To subscribe, select a plan, pay the corresponding premium and visit any of THE LIMI HOSPITAL; SERVICE CENTRES after 15 days of registration to access healthcare services.

One Payment and Enjoy Healthcare service ALL year round “

Multi-Specialty Care

Get access to a wide range of services and specialists in any of THE LIMI HOSPITAL SERVICE CENTRES without considering the cost.

Save Money with Limi HealthCova by Limi Hospital
Save massively on Healthcare Costs

Pocket friendly access fees to ensure healthcare anytime you need it.

No wait time. Limi Healthcova by Limi Hospital
Zero Wait Times

Zero wait times. No third-party approvals necessary, priority passes & VIP appointments

Health Plans

Individual Plans:

 Managing healthcare and service provision for individual clients, enables a person adequately plan for routine healthcare expenses with significant cost-efficiency and be rest assured that in the time of need, finances do not limit the required healthcare.

Family Plans:

Having a healthy family is the goal of every household. One way to keep everyone healthy in a family without having financial strains is to pick a family HEALTHCOVA. Under the HEALTHCOVA, you have a wide range of plans to cater for the various healthcare needs for you and your family (principal, your spouse and not more than 3 children under the age of 18).

Corporate Plans:

Just as with most countries, maintaining appropriate levels of production is a major concern for managers of organizations in Nigeria. Supporting the health of employees (including those of their households) has been recognized as one effective way of achieving optimal production level. It is for this reason that the HEALTHCOVA corporate plans are designed to help employers to proactively support the health of their employees with a view to achieving optimal production level.