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COVID-19 Statement

Greetings from all of us at the Limi Hospitals,

The Global COVID-19 pandemic is quite unprecedented and its effect on healthcare delivery, social life and economics is equally massive.

The Limi Hospitals (Cardiocare Specialty Hospital Garki, Limi Children’s Hospital Wuse2 and Limi Hospital Central Area) remains focused on delivering world- class healthcare solutions for families, communities and companies in Nigeria.

Even though we have never been faced with a situation like this, we draw from our rich thirty-eight (38) year history as a healthcare institution to stand firm and make sure that all our staff, guests and their families are taken care of in spite of and irrespective of the prevailing health crises or its consequent lockdown.

There are several questions relating to this that have been asked and here are a few answers for you.

1. Is this COVID-19/Corona Virus Real?

Yes indeed! It is quite real and should not be taken lightly nor should the health advice given be ignored. However, having noted its reality, it is very important not to panic nor focus on any negative news about the pandemic.

2. What is Limi Hospital doing about COVID-19?

We at the Limi Hospitals have taken all necessary scientifically proven steps to ensure that our centers are safe, and to ensure that the great healthcare our guests have come to know and trust over the years remains relatively uninterrupted and seamless.

Online Consultations

• Telemedicine now available for consultation with General Practitioners and Specialists at

• Home delivery of medications or quick pick up at the hospital thereafter

Offline Consultations

Handwashing by everyone on entry into any of the hospitals

• Screening at entrances for respiratory and febrile illnesses

• Quick treatment (<15minutes) for respiratory illness in a well-aerated tent outside the facility and phone follow-up thereafter

• Social distancing inside hospitals

• All healthcare providers wear facemasks and guests requiring tests and treatments that require close contact with a healthcare provider longer than seven minutes are required to also wear a facemask

• Restricting visitors from the hospitals to reduce congestion

• Hourly round-clock disinfection of the entire hospitals

• Hospital ambulances available to pick up emergency cases

• The Limi Hospitals are NOT currently treating COVID-19 but our multispecialty expertise, equipment, protocols and technological solutions have been prepared to offer help to the FCT and the NCDC if requested and/or needed in varying degrees.

If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever, and/or difficulty in breathing) speak to a consultant physician as soon as you can via our secure video consultation portal:

3. So, What should we do?

  • If you’re feeling ill, do seek a doctor immediately, whether its COVID-like or not. You may do so online- at or offline at any of our hospitals as ALL OUR HOSPITALS REMAIN OPEN 24-HOURS A DAY, EVERYDAY DURING THIS PERIOD.

• Stay at home unless absolutely necessary and wash your hands often whether at home or in public.

• Don’t touch your face without washing your hands

• Use a facemask (cloth) when going out

• Ensure that your exercise, general health, nutrition and fluids are in order

• Ensure that you continue taking your medications, if you’re on prescription medications (e.g. antihypertensives, anti-diabetics, etc.) Call the hospitals or use telemedicine option to arrange refills and/or reviews of medications as needed.

4. How may I get to the Hospital if needed in a lockdown?

• Move with your Hospital card handy

• Get an appointment via WhatsApp from the hospital and make sure you use the appointment letter received appropriately (so you can be obliged if needed again)

– Limi Hospital, Central Area 0809 333 5464 (WhatsApp)

– Limi Children’s Hospital, Wuse 2 0908 761 4451 (WhatsApp)

– Cardiocare Specialty Hospital, Garki 0908 331 7777 (WhatsApp)

• In an emergency with no means of transport, call the 0809 016 0174(5) to request for our ambulance pickup service

  • On occasion, home (concierge) service could also be made available

We do sincerely appreciate all your support, messages, calls, cooperation and prayers through this and we remain confident that no evil would befall any of us nor shall this COVID epidemic come near the dwellings of any of our patients, staff or their families.

We ALL would beat this and Come out Stronger, but meanwhile…

Stay at Home as much as possible, Seek Healthcare Early if needed, Wash your Hands often, Keep social distances if going out, and Wear a facemask over nose/ mouth especially if coughing/sneezing.

We’ll be here for you, as always…


Dr. Iseko, I.I.

Group Medical Director

For: The Limi Hospitals Ltd.

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